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GRADE 6  -

The 6th Grade Class Website is a wonderful resource for parents and students alike.  It can also be accessed on any computer or mobile device.  From access to class newsletters to "Meet the Teachers" biographies, the website offers information that aims to help parents and students transition more easily into middle school.  Additional information that can be found on the website include: website links to each teacher's personal website, a calendar of events, service project information, field trip information, teacher contact information, and various tips and pointers pertaining to the goals and expectations of 6th grade.  It is our hope that communication exists between school and home, and that is website can aid bridging this gap throughout the year.  Feel free to browse the website and we look forward to a successful school year!



The 7th Grade team maintains a team website.  The website contains teacher contact information, links to teacher websites, daily homework and upcoming events. 


GRADE 8  - 

The HAS 8th Grade Team Teachers mantian a website.  The website includes links to SchoolNotes homework postings, links to teacher websites, and other information.